Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Rita Ora X Adidas Originals

I absolutely love Adidas Originals ( I wrote a post a while back - click to view - to show how besotted I am with this brand), it is one of my top 3 favourite brands of all time. My favourite, is their collaborations with top celebs in sport and music. These celebs add their personal touch in each piece making it even more special.  The latest artist to collaborate with the brand is British artist Rita Ora. Her personal style is somewhat quirky with edge - and a tomboy vibe. Look forward to a collection with lots of graphics, statement pieces and texture!

From what I've seen so far and from Rita's personal style, she definitely gets a yay from me. How about you?

X.O Ivy

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Monday, June 2, 2014

Vat hom fluffy!

I thought I should pop in and let you guys know about the two fluffy things I love right now(it use to be three - but my beloved dog Rocksy died from Parvo disease) and can't get enough of. One is a long awaited teddy bear which a got for my 23rd birthday from a very special person. Its the best thing since popcorn! I have an instant cuddle buddy and I even thought of taking it with me when I write my exams (don't curr what nobody has to say). The other is a trend which I am sure you fashionista's picked up on already. The fluffy jumper my loves. I am really obsessed with it, but sadly I won't even be able to afford one (student budget/baked beans on toast lifestyle). Some random girl came up to me while I was finding delight in its luxury snuggliness in Mr Price and asked me whether it was not itchy or irritating. "No, not at all. Feel for yourself" was my reply. Not only is it really snugly and soft, but it adds texture and makes any outfit interesting. Wear them with a skirt or pleather tights, with shoes that adds contrast or may favourite fashion tip #HoweverTheHellYouWant.